✖ Connection is outside the University of Waterloo network.

Only VPNs affiliated with the University of Waterloo are sufficient.

Many campus computer resources require the added safety of internal connections.

To get a campus network connection please follow IST's directions on setting up VPN.

Optional check: basic connection test.

Install VPN

Two-factor authentication (2fa); second password

Configure two-factor authentication.

If 2fa is already configured, then use one of the following:

Second factorSecond password field
Duo push notificationtype: push (for multiples, push1 or push2 ...)
Phone calltype: phone (for multiples phone1 or phone2 ...)
Test message (SMS)type: sms (for multiples, sms1 or sms2 ...)
IST provided Yubikeyplace cursor in second password field and touch token
Duo token or bypass codetype the passcode in second password field